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International Top-ups

Send credit to any phone in the worldSend credit to any phone in the world

Send credit to any phone in the world

Please enter the mobile phone number that will be credited

Finally a way to top-up directly mobile phones around the world!
beCHARGE offer you the possibility to top-up directly and without any extra cost the mobile phone of your family abroad.


NEW CUBACEL I 12X + night internet

How to send credit to a mobile phone abroad?

  1. Mobile number
    Enter the mobile number that you want to top up and provide your own E-mail address.
  2. Amount
    Choose the amount you would like to top up.
  3. E-mail address
    Provide the E-mail address so we can send a confirmation mail.
  4. Payment
    Pay by means of CB, Visa or Mastercard.
  5. Top-up completed!
    The mobile phone will be DIRECTLY topped up, without any manipulation!
  6. Your family member will receive a text message and you will receive an E-mail.

What countries and which operators are available ?

International top-up is possible in over 400 operators throughout the world!
beCHARGE allows you to top up the phone of family or loved-ones in Africa, Asia and America.
Discover the list of all available countries and operators.

What is the PWA? A Progressive Web App that is built like a website but acts like an application. Once installed, an icon with the beCHARGE logo will appear on your home screen. All you have to do is click and enjoy our many products.